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Hand Cleaner
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Hand Cleaners & Barrier Creams


It is very important to keep our hands thoroughly washed and cleaned at all times to protect ourselves from infectious diseases.

There are millions of bacteria that gets accumulated in between the finger tips and elbows. The germs have capacity to stay alive for about 3 hours. The exposure is more severe when we use toilets & public utilities and damp hands are more vulnerable than dry hands. The right-handed people do not thoroughly clean their right hand as they do their left and vice vera. The hands should be washed after every act of handling corrossive chemicals, organic compound, glass wool, acid, alkalis, adhesives and minerals in industries for complete care and safety of hands. The touching a contaminated object, infested animal, garbage, sneezing or coughing also requires cleaning of hands.

Monarch’s HygeClean Hand Cleaners & Barrier Creams have control over prevention and transmission of diseases and washing away the grime. They are bio- degradable, solvent free, skin friendly, pleasantly perfumed cleaners designed not only to clean but also to smoothly condition the skin. The Hand Cleaners removes the dirt ,grease, oil , tar, varnish, carbon, ink, stains and even the odors of onion , fish etc.,

The Barrier Creams are anti-septic applied to protect the skin pores for 4 long hours from absorbing solvents, thinners, petrol, diesel, trpentine and all toxic powders and all water-borne substances like acids, alkalis, detergents etc.,

Salient Features of Hand Cleaners & Barrier Creams



The key feature are: Rehabilitation instead of replacement, Safety enhancement as no dangers of hot work, In-situ application - do jobs right on production line, fast and economical repairs, ease in application procedures, permanent solutions to countless applications, increased reliability, reduce the cost of plant shutdown, match metal color, excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals, high compressive strength for mechanical applications.


  • Tunnel Construction
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Parking decks
  • Garden roofs
  • Cooling tower
  • Terrace
  • Basement
  • Undergrond Tank
  • Reservoir

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Monarch’s Elastomeric Waterproofing is suitable for waterproofing under terrazzo or tile floors, under shower pans, kitchen and bathroom floors, water storage tanks and in the inside of elevated swimming pools.